Those that know me and know that I write erotica, are always asking for my advice on how to spice up their sex lives.  What am i, a sexual guru or something?  Hardly.

I tell them all that my favorite sexual trick is called "The Velvet Tongue" and I learned it from a book.  Who knew learning could be so much fun?  Let's just say that I never run out of tea and honey at my house......

Anyone interested in making a man's toes curl while he cries to his maker should check out Laura Corn's 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex.  I will warn you though that if you are offended by oral play, role play, sexual toys, or light BDSM, this isn't the book for you.  This is an older book, but the new ebook version has some new tips and tricks to keep things steamy!

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex

OVER ONE MILLION COPIES SOLD! Find out why, Read this!


YES, I KNOW that’s a lot to ask from one little book! But I promise you it works. Here’s how --

Once a week, you and your lover each pick a sealed page and tear it from the book. There’s no turning back now — and no peeking at each other’s seduction! Just follow your secret instructions, and sometime during the week you’ll each be getting an erotic surprise. Talk about anticipation — you’ll both be on the edge of your seats! You’ll discover romantic new ways to “heat up the passion,” new bedroom tricks and variations on the old ones — and irresistible ways to introduce them to your lover.

50 SECRET SEDUCTIONS WRITTEN for his eyes only... begin with seductively intriguing ways to not only get her in the mood — but to get her breathless with anticipation. You’ll give your lover the ultimate pleasure with Tricks of the Tongue…King of Hearts…and She's Out of Control. She’ll act out her most erotic uninhibited fantasies in Dangerous When Wet, and she will never, ever forget your incredible foreplay when you finally get her Up Against The Wall! Whatever seduction you surprise her with, you’ll have her climbing the walls in exquisite expectation!

50 SECRET SEDUCTIONS WRITTEN for her eyes only… begins by divulging Marilyn Monroe’s sensual bedroom secret that drove her lovers wild (and caused JFK’s toes to curl!) in “I Think I Made His Back Feel Better” — and it just heats up from there! You’ll learn the steamy technique guaranteed to drive men crazy and bring both your libidos to a boil with The Velvet Tongue…your Lingerie Parfait and Puss n’ Boots will make him fall in love with you all over again… and you’ll have him on his knees begging for more after you take The Laura Corn Challenge!

PLUS ONE VERY SPECIAL SEDUCTION shared by both of you. For experienced lovers only — save this one for last!




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