What makes a good hero?  For me the answer is easy.  I want a hero that is larger than life!  I want a hero that doesn't just take charge, he overwhelms you!  But what does it really mean to have a larger than life hero?

To me, all characters, even heroes, should have flaws.  Sure he can be gorgeous and charming, but it is often our flaws (or what we perceive as flaws or weaknesses) that drive us to action.  So, all characters have to have flaws of some sort.

Heroes should change throughout a story.  They should be full of conflict.  They should grow in some way so that they seem more real.  Who wants to read a story where nothing happens and everything stays the same?  That would be boring to say the least.

My perfect hero would be dark, sexy, with some deep secret, a bit of a temper, but a soft side that only the heroine could uncover.  What's your "perfect hero"?



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