Okay, so I took some time off to reconsider some things in my life.  In my last blog posts, I went into the discussions I'd recently had with some of my friends.  It seemed that to them I was a smut writing whore.  So, I stepped away and thought things through, you know, asking the really tough questions about what I wanted out of life and love.

Well, I've come to a conclusion.  I like my life just as it is!  I've spent almost two months brooding over what other people think about me and I hate myself for it.  Why do we let people get to us?

I've had a finished outline for my next story for quite a while, but it's just been sitting there while I wasted time on friends that weren't so friendly.  I could kick myself for that.

So, now I'm back.  I plan on really putting in some writing hours to get this next book out.  I may go out this weekend and look for Mr. Right Now.  I may strip and walk down the middle of the street.  My point is that I'm not changing for my so-called friends.

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