Okay, I need to vent.  I usually don't use my blog for venting, but this time I have to ask you to just put up with it.

I went shopping with some friends earlier this week.  We were having a fine time until the real purpose of the outing was revealed.  It was an intervention of sorts for yours truly.

It seems my so called friends were upset over the attention my erotic novels were bringing to them and to make matters worse, there was the concern over my behavior with the opposite sex.

Yes, apparently my search for Mr. Right Now is offensive to the white-picket-fence crowd.  Really?

You know, people in glass houses should not throw stones.  I didn't hold some silly intervention when Friend #1 held us all hostage over lunches for a month because she was redecorating her kitchen and couldn't decide what faucet to pick.  I mean seriously.  It's a faucet and water comes out of it, is it really such a major life decision?  I didn't call in the troops when Friend #2 debated for a year if she should leave her cheating husband or not. 

Maybe before you sit in your four bedroom, three bath, illusion of wedded bliss, and judge me....Maybe you should take a good look at yourself!  So I'm a whore?  Well, maybe you're a frigid-substituting decorating for sex-bitch that needs to just keep her self righteous ideas to herself.  Oh, so I might be too easy?  Well, as a stick your head in the sand-the affair never happened-antidepressant taking asshole...You can just kiss mine! 

See how labels can hurt and ruin friendships? 

Again, sorry to vent.

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