I started reading a new book last night.  Actually, it's not a new book, I've had it for a few months, but just started reading it last night and I have to say, I'm already hooked!  I'm already identifying with the main character Sage and stayed up a little too late last night reading which is always a good sign!

Destiny Divided

Amazon Product Description

After fleeing her native city — and nightmares of a traumatic childhood — Sage Peterson meets the overbearing, pretentious, yet haunted Professor Elias. He’s the only one who knows about her mysterious powers, which seem to be spiraling out of control. When he convinces her to train with him, she finds herself thrust into a five hundred year war and on the run from vampires, werewolves, and even worse — her budding feelings for James Elias.

I'm sure it's available everywhere, but I of course got it for Kindle and it was recommended by a friend with a Nook.

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