One of my challenges with the Underworld Prophecies series was to create a believable mythical world.  I wanted it to be familiar enough that describing it wouldn't slow the action of the story down, but I wanted it to be unusual enough to stick with the reader even after they are finished reading.

I knew what I didn't want.  I didn't want the underworld in my novel to be like all the others depicted in novels.  I didn't want darkness or flames.  I wanted something very different.

For the underworld mansion where Persephone is held, I wanted to create an extreme feeling of isolation and emptiness.  To me, white is a color that when used in a home, creates a feeling of isolation.  I used white in the underworld mansion to not only convey that feeling, but to show that despite everything, Hades was craving light.

Another feature in the creation of the underworld was the perpetual mist that surrounds the mansion.  There was no day or night, just this grey mist that hung around the mansion.  Eventually, it comes out that this mist is actually the souls of the dead moving about it various stages of becoming nothing.

I used vivid colors and even black in the story to represent sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure.  The use of bright colors also helps signify the difference between the land of the living and the land of the dead.

So what is it that you love about visiting new worlds through books?  Do you prefer that an author keep with tradition, such as a dark and firery underworld, or do you prefer that an author give her fictional world h



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