I'm super excited about my new WIP.  I took some months off to get the outline just right and now I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek.

“What’s the thing with this?”  I asked him as I watched the trio undress and move to the floor.  One of the men moved behind the woman and the other was on his knees before her.

“What do you mean?” Eric asked as his fingers stroked my hot, swollen sex.

The men were easing the woman down onto the floor. I shifted in embarrassment and the movement pushed his fingers harder against my slit. I could feel myself get wetter.

“I mean, are they just going to fuck her right there in front of all these people?” I asked, forcing myself not to look at him and to keep watching the trio.

His breath was hot and steamy in my ear, “I doubt anyone is paying attention.”

I let my eyes drift from the three bodies on the floor to the other guests, careful not to look directly at Eric.  Throughout the room people were in various states of undress, all of them panting and pawing at each other.

What had I gotten myself into?

Eric nuzzled my dark hair away from my ear, “Look at them Evie.”

I did as he requested, watching as one of the men made the woman kneel on all fours. He moved behind her, stroking his own massive cock.

I could feel Eric’s fingers at my opening, smearing my wetness across my lips and clit.

“Look at her Evie,” he commanded again. “Look at how beautiful she is.”

His fingers slid inside of me, moving in and out slowly. I spread my legs slightly, giving him easier access.

The woman on the floor moaned as the man behind her dipped his fingers into her opening. He moved his hand in a swirling motion, drawing the wetness out of her and smearing it across the head of his penis.

“Look at how wet she is,” Eric said as he bit at my ear and thrust his fingers deeper. “She is nothing compared to you.”

The red haired woman arched her back, giving the man behind her an unobstructed view of her luscious opening. The man moved closer, sliding into her slowly. He rocked his hips only slightly, I could only imagine the way his balls must feel grazing against her clit.

Eric pushed his fingers deep inside of me and held them there, matching the encounter I was watching. When the man reached around and pinched the woman’s nipple, Eric reached around and did the same to me with his free hand.

I watched as the other man moved in front of the woman and held his dick to her mouth. The woman licked at it until he pressed it between her lips where she sucked at it with a loud slurping sound.

I glanced down at Eric’s leg and then up to his bulging crotch, licking my lips with anticipation.

He brushed the finger of his free hand over my mouth, “Not tonight little one, but soon.”

I would have asked him what he meant, but he twitched one of the fingers that he held inside of me and sent a delicious shiver over me.

I looked back over at the woman, a man pumping into her from each end.  I saw the way her large breasts bounced and swayed, making my own ache to be touched.

The man at her mouth came, overfilling her throat with his seed. The man behind her began fucking her hard, slapping against her ass with a loud smack. He grunted like an animal as he shoved himself into her again and again. Eric matched the man’s tempo, moving in and out of me with his fingers.

The woman was getting close, I could tell by the flush of her face and the primal moans escaping from deep in her throat.  I could feel myself starting to throb, the muscles tightening around his fingers. 

Just a little more...Just a little more...

Without realizing it, I was pushing myself against him.  I was gasping, clutching at the sofa and trembling.  I needed my release.  I needed it the way a starving man needed food.

Eric pinched my nipple again, “Do you want me to make you come, little one?”


“Then say it,” he teased. “Beg me to make you come. I want to hear you say it.”

“Please...Make me come...Please”

He moved his thumb over my pubis, sliding down onto my clit.  With one little twitch, I was in the middle of the most intense orgasm of my life.  I cried out, my legs shaking, as I came against his hand.

Okay, so I took some time off to reconsider some things in my life.  In my last blog posts, I went into the discussions I'd recently had with some of my friends.  It seemed that to them I was a smut writing whore.  So, I stepped away and thought things through, you know, asking the really tough questions about what I wanted out of life and love.

Well, I've come to a conclusion.  I like my life just as it is!  I've spent almost two months brooding over what other people think about me and I hate myself for it.  Why do we let people get to us?

I've had a finished outline for my next story for quite a while, but it's just been sitting there while I wasted time on friends that weren't so friendly.  I could kick myself for that.

So, now I'm back.  I plan on really putting in some writing hours to get this next book out.  I may go out this weekend and look for Mr. Right Now.  I may strip and walk down the middle of the street.  My point is that I'm not changing for my so-called friends.